The following photos were found amongst an old London relative's belongings. They show scenes of the damage caused to London, by bombing, during World War Two. It's interesting to see, for example, how St. Paul's Cathederal survived when all around was destroyed. I believe the photos were taken in1941 or 1942

It also shows the devistation caused by war. Hopefully we have learned our lessons but, looking at Mr.Bush and Mr. Blair, I'm not convinced.

St. Paul's Cathedral from Distaff Lane, London

St.Andrews from High Holborn, London

G.P.O. from Newgate Street, London

Monkwell Street & Cripplegate Church, London

St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, Queen Victoria Street, London

Ludgate Hill, London

Fore Street, London

High Holborn, London

London Wall, London

St.Paul's from Paternoster Row, London

(c) M.Perry 2006
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